When you have the Power of 3 handling your project, you can count on:

  • A high level of standards that makes our electrical talent more productive for our customers.
  • You’re getting the electrical and energy work you expect for your project, and that it will be up to your standards.
  • All of the electrical and energy talent on your project has the most respected education in the industry, knows what’s needed for your project and can solve problems and bring ideas.
  • You will have a safe environment during your project; you can safely use electricity when your project is completed and our safety practices will minimize risks for your company.
  • The infrastructure behind your technology systems is more reliable.

You Want the Right Electrical Talent

In your home, you know how you want your home lighting to feel. You know how you want to access electricity, technology and power. Having the Power of 3 on your project enables power work for you instead of just being able to use what is there. We make using electricity, energy and power fit into your lifestyle.

In your business, you have an entire energy team can troubleshoot problems, answer your questions and deliver your preferred outcome. Problems are solved more quickly and more accurately, which reduces the cost of the overall project or the overall cost of maintenance.

In your industry projects, you have minimized risks because of our superior safety training and practices. You have an increased focus on productivity because our education, our training and our experience troubleshoots and solves problems faster and our implementation of energy systems is done in a less amount of hours, which helps you control costs.

Whether you’re directing your project yourself or working with a general contractor, insist on the electrical talent of the Power of 3 for your project.

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